Workplace Harassment

No person should have to endure harassment as a condition of his or her job. At the Law Office of Rene Hernandez in Rockford, Illinois, our legal team is determined to protect the rights of Illinois workers. If you are subjected to harassment in the workplace, it is important that you seek competent legal representation.

Know Your Rights Under Illinois Employment Law

The Illinois Human Rights Act prohibits workplace harassment, which includes unwelcome conduct based on actual or perceived membership in a protected class when the conduct substantially interferes with your work or creates a hostile work environment. Employers are responsible for harassing conduct by their supervising employees. They are also responsible for employee harassment when they are aware of it and fail to take reasonable steps to address it.

Employers of bars and restaurants are required to distribute written sexual harassment policies to employees within their first week of employment. Employers who fail to comply with these rules face substantial monetary fines and may be subject to a civil claim by an affected employee.

Workplace Harassment Attorney

Take Legal Action to Protect Yourself from Workplace Harassment

If you believe that you are the subject of workplace harassment, try to document these occurrences. Then, contact an experienced workplace harassment lawyer to protect your rights.