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Bankruptcy can help you during a time of financial uncertainty

Our current situation has done nothing to stop the financial difficulties people are facing. For many, COVID-19 has created new financial problems or made existing ones much worse. If you are trying to manage your financial situation in this unusual new situation we are dealing with, an experienced bankruptcy attorney can help.

Rene Hernandez offers online consultations for clients who have questions about bankruptcy or who are looking for solutions for their financial struggles.

Online Bankruptcy Consultations Allow You to Deal with Your Financial Problems Safely
One of the first defenses used to combat the spread of COVID-19 was social distancing and the practice continues to be one of our greatest resources. But avoiding face-to-face meetings and staying out of confined spaces with other people makes some things difficult. Bankruptcy consultations and other bankruptcy-related meetings are among these things.

Thankfully, there is a simple solution that allows people to explore bankruptcy as an option to help them with financial challenges. Virtual consultations and meetings with your bankruptcy attorney are the safest options available to help you manage your debt stress.

Bankruptcy Might Be the Solution during these Difficult Times
Bankruptcy is a tool that can help you deal with serious debt. It can stop the calls from debt collectors and depend on your circumstances, might help you protect your most valuable assets from seizure. At a time when everyone is worried about what the future holds, the last thing you need is to be worrying about losing your home or vehicle or being taken to court because of a debt.

If you are unsure where to turn or debt is weighing on you, bankruptcy might be able to help.

Bankruptcy is an option for those who are facing financial turmoil and need to put an end to the stress.
When you file for bankruptcy, you are granted something known as an automatic stay. This is a court-ordered stop to all debt collection actions against you. It gives you time to take a breath and get organized regarding your debt and it means you will not need to worry about daily harassment or the risk of losing essential items you need right now.

Dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak has not been easy for anyone. If you were already struggling financially heading into the current situation, chances are things have only gotten worse. Bankruptcy might be the best option.

Virtual Bankruptcy Consultation

Virtual Bankruptcy Consultations Offer a Safe Way to Explore Your Financial Options
There are many things we have had to do to adjust to the COVID-19 outbreak and virtual bankruptcy consultations are one of them. Meeting with a bankruptcy attorney online ensures your questions are answered and a bankruptcy expert has evaluated your situation.

Like many in the legal and financial industries, Rene Hernandez has had to adapt to the “new normal. ” He can provide online consultations, which makes it possible to fulfill clients’ needs using social distancing and the appropriate precautions.

If you would like to learn more or speak to Rene about bankruptcy, contact him today.


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  1. How Do Online Bankruptcy Consultations Work? Online bankruptcy consultations work in much the same way as face-to-face first-time meetings with a bankruptcy attorney. You use your phone or computer’s video function to have a virtual meeting with an experienced bankruptcy attorney. You can ask questions and get much-needed answers to your questions about how filing for bankruptcy could help you during this difficult time. Online bankruptcy consultations are safe and allow for social distancing, while still making it possible for you to learn more about bankruptcy.
  2. What Do I Need to Bring to My Virtual Consultation? When you attend a virtual bankruptcy consultation, you will want to have handy the same items you would bring with you to a face-to-face bankruptcy consultation. This includes information about your debts, your income, and anything else that you are dealing with financially. If medical bills are the primary cause of your financial struggles, make sure you have those available to share with the bankruptcy attorney. It might even be helpful to scan some of these documents in advance so you can email them to the attorney as quickly as possible if you choose to move forward with filing.